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More than just a report,

it's your story that I tell through unique shots.

Patient and discreet I will know how to highlight all the precious moments of this day.

More than just a report.

If there is one thing that counts in a wedding, these are the photos.

It is through the images that will capture the photographer that you can live and relive all these smiles and all these shared emotions.


For this, I will put my creativity at your disposal to immortalize what makes sense to you.

Patience and reflection.

Each photographer works in a different way. therefore, each result is different.

Having received an artistic training and a Master II degree in art, I was able, during my studies, to develop different ways and techniques to understand photography. That's how I learned, as some purists would say,

"the real photography".

Of course, I'm talking about film with the good old film that was being made by our local craftsman.


The film shakes you a little when you are used to working with digital cameras.

indeed, the more the right to the error and finished the useless photos.

36 poses and not one more!

It is also impossible to view on the screen of the device.

Thus, it is thanks to all these technical constraints that I learned to take my time before shooting anything and everything.


Being patient and thinking about what you want to convey in the image you are about to freeze, that's what I've learned from many practices and reports.

A guest like no other.

In order not to influence you and capture real moments of joy, I will make sure to be as discreet as possible throughout the day.

A kind of guest came with his camera that would mingle with the rest of your guests. Thus I will be at the forefront to sublimate the complicity of people together.

Always ready to trigger my devices, I will be the one who remains vigilant, to miss neither key moment nor insignificant detail.

Delivery photos.

 Usb Key.

In order not to lose anything from this beautiful event, the bride and groom receive a USB key containing the photos of the wedding. I sort and edit the photos so that you have a uniform report and unique photos.

Online Gallery.

Once the sorting and retouching work is finished, I will put your entire report on a private gallery so that you and your guests can discover the photos.

But also order prints if you want to highlight a photo that touches you more than the others.

Photo box and Art Prints.

Nothing beats the pleasure of looking at and holding in our hands the images of our best memories, this is why you can also choose a leather case containing the number of photos you have chosen or good quality prints on different formats.

Custom photo album.

Like art prints, the album is also a way to sublimate and highlight the images that are important to you. I therefore offer you a handmade photo album, with a customizable cover and extra thick pages for superior print quality.

the photo film.

It will allow you to discover the report of this beautiful day a little differently! Indeed, the value that I attach to all of this goes far beyond simple reporting. These are your memories and these are probably the only thing you will have left after the wedding.

It is inconceivable for me that you discover your memories through a simple internet gallery. So for the magic to work until the end I make a "short film" with the vast majority of photos from your report. A film that you can keep and watch over time to remember this beautiful day even differently.

Quality print...

Because a photo is above all something that you should be able to hold in your hands, I am very attached to the paper medium.

This is why I offer different printing formats on Hahnemühle cotton paper, but also photo boxes like this one with a variable number of prints 13 x 18cm.

You will be able to preserve your memories in the most beautiful way or offer them to the people you love.