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Who am i ?


Hey! It's Cyril! Master of Art in my pocket, I launched myself into photography to live and share intense and true moments.


Throughout my five years of Master I practiced all kinds of mediums, but it was the day that we finally passed during photography that I knew that I had made the right choice.


At that time I had just discovered a certain interest in the image during a year-long trip.

And it was behind a camera that I understood what fascinated me about photography, this ability to freeze time and the emotions of a fleeting moment. A sort of photographic archive of a unique moment that tells a story.


And what could be more satisfying than freezing the joy and the important moments of your life? That's why I love my job, every day is different.

Creativity, the people we meet, the places we discover, are the essential conditions for bringing about the unique moment, when we press the shutter knowing that it is THE photo.

Photographer present in the PACA region, I put my creativity at your disposal for unique photos.



My Material:


In most cases I use two Canon cameras, a brand with which I have worked since my beginnings and to which I am personally attached for its color management.

  • A full format Eos6D.

  • A full-size Eos 5D Markii.

And here is my range of lenses

  • 20mm f2.8 - My favorite wide angle for mood and group shots.

  • 24-70 f2.8 - My Swiss army knife for all situations which allows me to be reactive.

  • 50mm f1.8 - for stolen items taken on the spot.

  • 70-200 f2.8 - my telephoto lens for tighter shots or to be more discreet.



Post processing


I work exclusively on raw cr2 native files (Canon RAW format) which allows better color management and better quality in high and low light.


I use two professional image editing software for a homogeneous rendering with real added value. I rework the brightness, the contrasts, the saturation. I apply several filters depending on the light and where we are in order to obtain a particular rendering which also makes my style.

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