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Originally from La Ciotat, Cyril Dallest is a young artist who practices an atypical approach to photography, he is deeply attached to his environment and combines his passion for the sea through photography but also as a diver and freediver.

From all these disciplines was born a certain interest for the big blue which led him during his travels to seek new ways of looking at and apprehending the ocean and the nature that surround us.


Using different techniques for the realization of his photo series, such as the drone, he takes us to gain height and look at what we have in front of us with a fresh look.

... A unique style and more than just photos.

"Passionate about film photography for years, I draw my inspiration through my personal artistic work, but also in the various reports that I realize.


I work, of course, with digital cameras, but it is by the practice of film photography that I developed my style and my way of working.

Indeed, the film requires you to think before pressing the shutter. you can not go back, or even view what you just photographed, which implies a precise knowledge of his camera and the requirement on the desired result.


It is for all these particularities that I like this technique that taught me to master perfectly the settings of my devices, as well as to be patient and take the time to think about what I want to transmit through the shots made .

A unique style and more than just photos, that's what brought me the practice of film, moments frozen for eternity on pretty pictures. "


Cyril Dallest

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